News Headlines:

  • The Ministry of Land and Environmental Protection worked to rehabilitate regions after flood damage.
  • Kangwon and South Hamgyong provinces working towards rehabilitation with road bed filling after floods.
  • North Hamgyong province worked on filling project, including 40,000 cubic meters of dikes, roads, land, etc.
  • South Hamgyong province and Rason City are execrating river embankment work.
  • Sapling production is brisk throughout the country, during the 80 day campaign. More than “1 billion” saplings have been produced throughout the country for spring tree planting next year.
  • National commemorative meeting took in palace in Havana Cuba to memorialize the 60th anniversary of the establishment of relations between the DPRK and Cuba.

Special Feature:

Masters of Fish Breeding: Rason fish breeding hatchery is directing great efforts to improve the peoples diet. Planning and implementing on increasing fry production. The hatchery raises 19 types of fish.